When the company began operations, it focused on full truck loads, especially transported to western European countries. Since 1995 the company has transported cargo between the Czech Republic and Italy almost 99% of the time. We specialise especially in transporting cargoes whose composition is specified according to our customers’ requirements and weigh 0 – 24 t. These are translated daily between two countries by semi-trailer trains. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring systems and motorway post pay toll readers for the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy, including a Telepas toll device for passage through pay gates in Italy with no need to stop. We transport cargo for customers both from the Czech Republic and foreign countries that have been verified by us.

We take an individual approach toward customers, emphasizing a high level of communication, professionalism and reliability. Our dynamic team of staff is part of a tradition that has lasted for more than 25 years. We are ready to convince you of the excellence of our work in national and international truck transport, forwarding and both truck and passenger car repairs.